BTS Fans are Going Crazy with the Release of “Scenery”

Twitter has revealed that K-pop band BTS is the most tweeted artist in the US for the year 2017. A single 13-second clip of the band sleeping hit 4 million retweets. So, who are these sensations?

BTS is a South Korean band with 7 members; RM, Jin, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jungkook, and Jimin. The band was formed in 2013 when they released their first album known as 2 Cool 4 Skool. Their Korean name is “Bangtan Sonyeondan”, which translated into English means “Bulletproof Boy Scout.” Recently they decided to change it to “Beyond the Scene,” to shift their brand towards a more mature and progressive identity.

With fans from around the world in such a short period, these fandoms call themselves BTS Army. Countless fan pages are made on all social media sites, and tickets to any show around the world are always sold out. This shows the craze of the BTS band.

The release of the song, Scenery

BTS band member, V released Scenery, his latest solo song on January 30th on Soundcloud. As a single by the artist, he has also been on the cover photo of the track. BTS collaborators Pdogg has produced the song. It was sung both in Korean but with English subtitles is easily available on YouTube. The song has also been covered in English for the countless fans that can’t understands Korean language. V has tried to produce a 100% organic song, by using no traditional technology or electronics.

Before the release of the whole song, V shared a short clip of the video him recording it in the studio. He had shared the news of this song at the 28th Seoul Music Awards. In no time the video had a million views and retweets which showed the anticipation for the song.

The 5-minute song is a ballad which has a piano melody with V on the vocals. Using simple lyrics, V was able to create a romantic song, full of emotions. The song is about a lover expressing his heart to his significant other. He explains how loving a person who is no more around, can be difficult. The lover misses and thinks about the girl all the time. He is looking for ways to make their own beautiful story. He wants to bring happiness to her. The lover regrets the time when he was not able to take the right chances for her. However, now he feels if he gets another one, he is ready for her. Lastly, the song ends on the emotion of longing for a lover and keeping memories secure. He does not want his love to go but even if she leaves, he has enough memories to keep in his mind. And all those memories are crystal clear forever.

The simplicity through the lyrics have touched hearts and is relatable to many. Praises are in order for the composition and the beautifully written lyrics of Scenery.

Fans Reaction <3

Gone are the days when the sales of a movie measured the success of a song. Now the popularity is way more important than the sales. The number of views and likes on YouTube and retweets on Twitter are the new sales.

There have been praises for the song and the singer, V.  Twitter has been exploding with hashtags like #ProudOfYouTaehyung. It is to cheer up the singer V, a 23-year-old named Kim Taehyung. The fans are tweeting supporting messages, appreciating the song and calling it sweet and soulful. The people listening to the song call it soothing and calm to the ears. Fans even call it slight melancholy but in the perfect way. Through the song, V has been able to identify the weak points of their fans and have made songs that link them. The lyrics of the song are described as romantic, touching and a little sad. A part of the lyrics shows:

In the park where the moon at dawn has passed / I contain my current feelings / This song goes towards you…’

The tweets that poured in were all types of praises for the song. People found different types of ways to express their emotions regarding it.

Taehyung, he has a beautiful and sweet voice without any words that can express that beauty. ❤️❤️❤️TaeTae. #ProudOfYouTaehyung https://t.co/MZi5mWCf93
— PhuongTaeTae (@PhuongTaeTae3) February 4, 2019

first time drawing taehyung 💜💜 i really wanted to draw him after listening to scenery;;
photo ref from @_nuna_V #btsfanart #Taehyung #BTS #TaehyungScenery20M pic.twitter.com/7PNSIyvI3B— claudia 💜 stream scenery (@junchioni) February 3, 2019

People are continuing to love V and messages like they ‘purple’ him are all over the social media. Instead of saying they love him, they are tweeting they purple him because of his purple hair. The phrase was created by V a while ago as a new way of showing love to their fan.

This is not the first time V has released a solo. He previously has sung “It’s Definitely You” for the soundtrack poof K-drama Hwarang . The band is highly supportive of V making a song separate from the band. The other BTS members were also highly supportive of V’s latest solo release. Jimin and Jungkook were there to support him like it was their song. There are videos of both enjoying and singing Scenery all over the internet. They believe in the rule ‘Divide and conquer’ I guess.

BTS has been able to create a fanbase around the world through their music in no time. The solo single produced by V, one of the members of the band has been making their fans go emotional. The song is a blend of the romantic and sad genre. A lover thinking for his love and wanting her back. The sweet song connects with the fans is reaching skies. With the release of this song, the popularity of V can be witnessed through the unlimited tweets and views across all social media platforms. Trending hashtags have shown the love and appraisal the song is getting from the fans from around the world. This shows that even if one of the band members releases a solo song, they will be getting enough love from their fans.

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