How to Make your Crush Fall in Love with you

I thought I was past this stage. I thought I was never going to have a crush on anyone again. Last time I had a crush on a real human was in 1864. Thor is not a real human so yeah. Anyway, recently I’m going crazy over this guy. I never used to like people older than me, but this one is an exception and ohmigod, I am getting mad here. Sigh!

So, let me tell you a joke. Today, I am going to tell you the top six ways to make your crush fall in love with you. Crushes are cruel creatures and there is only 0.03% chances of this falling in love scene to happen, but miracles happen and this is what we are going to pray for.

Make him your friend

The first step is to take a deep breath and talk to him. Try to be his friend, listen to all his stories and tell him your stories too IF he is interested. My crush is such a good listener, but he is so busy all the time. Recently, I sent him twenty-five questions to answer, so I can get to know more about him. In this way, he can share with me his experiences, best and worst moments of life, and it is going to help me explore his personality in a better way. Let’s hope he send me the answers soon or I’ll be doomed for life.

Don’t be Clingy

This is a very important rule. If you want to repel someone, just be super clingy. Even though I know I must not act in such a way, but I can’t help it. My hands itch in pain when I don’t text him, and therefore, the clingy queen award goes to me. I will try to control now but let’s see. Girls, just never act clingy, please. It is a big no. Don’t suffocate the guy. He’ll get bored and won’t talk to you if you act in such a way. Look at me, still waiting for those little ticks to turn blue.

Don’t be available all the time

I am going to cry now because he literally replies after a week while I reply after two seconds. To make the guy more interested in you, you need to make him realize that you have a life of your own, you have other guy friends as well, and you are not available all the time. However, be there for him whenever he needs you and show care and affection whenever you get the chance. According to my crush, we must have a very positive attitude towards life and we should always be there for other people. I secretly record his conversations and then memorize them. *jumps from the balcony.* It’s not my fault. He is like a motivational speaker. Every word out of his mouth is gold. Anyway, so if you want your crush to fall in love with you, don’t be available all the time. I know mine is going to block me soon.

Be positive

People are more attracted towards positive and kind-hearted people than towards cold stone pessimists. This is one of the reasons I got attracted to him. He has such a positive attitude towards life. You can talk about anything with him and he is never going to judge you or think bad about you. My wise crush once said that we cannot stereotype people. When 10% of the population is bad, it stigmatizes the rest of the 90% of good people and that is so wrong. He is always there to bombard me with his inspirational speeches. It is like I am listening to a teacher giving a lecture and I don’t find it boring at all. I feel so elated and boy I admire him so much.

Anyway, to make your crush fall in love with you, you have to show him that you are a very positive person, with a kind and pure heart. Did I mention that you are never going to hear anything positive come out of my mouth? Rest in peace love life.

Dress to impress

I know personality matters more than appearance, but it is very important to dress up in a proper manner. Your crush is not going to get attracted towards you if you are wearing the same old dirty shirt for a week and smell like Theon Greyjoy. So yeah, wear cool and trendy clothes and wear clothes that you are comfortable in. My crush is so awesome, like a smoking hot model, plus he knows all about skin care products and makeup stuff. How cool is that?

Be yourself

The last and most important way to make him fall in love with you is to just be yourself. You don’t have to act in a certain way in order to grab his attention. Being your real self is more attractive than being fake. My bad luck is that even though I act like my crazy stupid self in front of him, but he is so skeptic, he thinks I am not who I portray myself to be. This is called bad luck guys, and don’t worry, some of you are going to be lucky enough to end up with your crush. Just be positive and be yourself. Express your real thoughts and emotions and hope for the best.

Surely, he is going to fall in love with you if you follow all these steps, but it is not an easy task so you need to be very patient. Even then if he ignores you and take you as nothing more than a good friend, then I guess drowning in misery is a better option. So my crush once told me, “nobody in this world is ever too busy, it is all about priorities. If they wanna make time for you, they will.” Guess what happened then? He ignored me for one month saying that he was very busy.

Let me know whether these tips are helpful or not, and if there is any hope for me? Is he going to become my knight in shining armor and slay dragons for me, or am I going to die alone?




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