Hilarious, dubious and charming,
He is nothing but alarming,
Like a little kitten on the loose,
He wants to dominate all the jews,
Thank God, a family disorder,
His voice is hotter than Mr. Potter.
He gets scared of his own shadow
Bet Wendy can get him a lasso.
So studious, is he a nerd?
Or is it to avoid me, ’cause he’s a jerk.
He says I am a pedo,
Straight outta ghetto,
Objection denied you are the apple of my eyes.
Annoying me is his hobby,
But I can’t help being Dobby.
He dreams of ripping my head off,
Detest, loathe and abhor are the words he knows,
He thinks I am going to bomb him,
Spread him like butter and devour him.
Such false allegations!
Even though I act like Marshmello,
But we are nothing more than fri
Best friends! <3

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