PUBG Mobile – The Future of Gaming

Online gaming is gaining immense popularity in today’s world. Almost everyone is indulged in playing online games, whether they are kids or adults. I don’t know about others, but for me, the best online game is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG. The game is developed by a South Korean Video Game company called Bluehole. It is a dystopian and highly addictive multiplayer game. You get the options to play a solo game, play duos and/or play in the squad. I prefer playing in squads because playing with a team is much better than playing alone. One of the perks of playing in a squad is if you get knocked out, your teammates can easily revive you and provide you with medkits.

Basically, there are three maps from which you choose one, or two or all and then along with your teammates and 94 other people, you land anywhere on the map, whether it is a school, hospital, ruins, or the camps. Once you land, you start searching for weapons in the deserted buildings. Once you gather enough weapons, two guns, a pistol, their ammo, some grenades, medkits, bandages, painkillers, energy drinks and everything you need in order to survive in that place. While you are exploring the place, out of nowhere the other people who landed with you will try to kill you.

The main point of the game is to be the last one alive. There is a blue storm in the game which shrinks the place. Those who are alive run towards the safe zone while killing the others in the process or getting killed by them. Once the zone shrinks, all of the players who are alive come in close proximity with each other. They try their best to kill as many people as possible. The winning team gets a chicken dinner along with many other rewards. Apart from the classic mode, which is of thirty minutes, there are arcade matches too. Arcade matches include war mode, sniper training, quick match, and mini zone. These matches are of less than 15 minutes. My favorite Arcade match is mini zone and Quick match. I hate the war mode.

My favorite map nowadays is Sanhok, though people prefer Erangel. Favorite assault riffle M416A, favorite sniper Mini 14, and my favorite shotgun is S12k. My favorite place to land in Erangel is the shelter. In Sanhok I prefer the ruins or Camp Alpha and Charlie. I’ll die but never land at the Bootcamp or Paradise Resort. Apart from that, you can shop for different outfits for yourself and gift them to your other friends as well. Did I mention the part that you can communicate with your friends and other random people via text and voice chat?

PUBG has other strong competitors as well such as Fortnite and Freefire, but currently, PUBG is the most grossing game of this year and I love it. I would give it 9/1o ratings.

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