The Greek Dog

It was a rough day, had no clue what to do.

Is it better to mop around, or play game or two?

In the game I met a guy, with a sense of humor that matched mine,

It was an instant like,

We acted like siblings,

Making fun of people, getting rid of creepers

After such a long time, I had a good day.

We used to play daily, and life was not crazy anymore,

I used to check all the time, whether he is online,

A bit of a psycho, for him I was clingy,

So he got suspicious and thought maybe I like him,

It’s not that i don’t, but he is like my little brother,

My best-est friend of all!

One day, we were chortling, and then a devil came.

The demon forced him to block me,

I thought I’ll go insane,

For the first time in forever, I cried a lot,

Then I took a deep breath, said f*** it all,

I knew he will realize, that he made a mistake,

So when he returned, he was quite ashamed.

I was very skeptic, so I made him sign a contract,

You must think I’m nuts,

But who can risk losing their laughing pill?

He promised he’ll never leave again,

and let’s see if that’s true,

But I’ll never let him forget,

What the devil made him do.


P.s. I was forced to write this. Help, I’m scared.


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