Top 5 Game of Thrones Theories

Finally, 2019 is here and the most exciting thing about 2019 is the last season of Game of Thrones. I have my tissues ready because I know I am going to cry a river. The last season is expected to release on 14th April. The other day I watched this interview of Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) where she said excitedly that she knows the ending of Game of Thrones. Boy, I felt so jealous. I can’t wait to watch the season finale. There are many theories regarding the ending and I heard everyone is going to die. LOL. There are so many deaths that I don’t even feel sad anymore when someone dies, though I want Jaime’s death to be epic. Bet Cersei’s going to kill him. Here are some of the theories you need to know before April:

Arya is not Arya

Everyone is skeptic about the fact that it is not the real Arya Stark who is taking vengeance and is unstoppable. Maybe the real Arya is dead and this one is just another faceless man. I mean it doesn’t make any sense but Arya’s plot line is very confusing. Before going blind, she saw her own face in the dead faceless men and we also don’t see her killing Waif, all we see is that she is cutting a candle. Maybe Jacquen H’gar knew Arya’s potential and equipped her with his gift of transformation so that Arya can fulfill the prophecy. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know but there is something weird about Arya, like a secret hidden from us.

Bran Stark – The Night King

Recently people are contemplating over the new teaser in which Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Sansa Stark are shown, but the clairvoyant brother Bran Stark is nowhere to be seen. In the teaser we see that icy mist is taking hold over the crypt, the ice representing the Night King and Army. Fans are of the opinion that the reason Bran is not standing (or sitting since he can’t stand) with the rest of his siblings show that maybe he is the Night King himself. One cannot deny the fact that the kid is a bit of a weirdo.

Cersei’s Fate

Everyone is of the view that Arya or the “faceless man” is going to kill Cersei. Cersei’s death has been prophesized by the wood witch who was a clairvoyant that Cercei met when she was a teenager. She is expected to die during child birth, but that is such an easy death. Cersei is a legendary character and I want her death to be the best of all. Some fans are of the view that Jaime’s going to kill his sister/lover. Other people who can kill Cersei includes the wise dwarf brother Tyrion, the girl crushing on Jaime i.e. Brienne of Tarth or maybe the dragons are going to burn her alive. Let’s wait to find out, though I believe that Arya’s going to kill her.

Danny and Jon’s Child

There are rumors that the mother of dragons is going to give birth to Jon Snow’s child and then they will both die and the baby is going to be the rightful heir of the throne and is going to rule the seven kingdoms. I’m having a hard time trying to digest this theory. I think Danny’s going to die and Jon Snow is going to rule because he came back from the dead for a purpose, plus he has a pure heart. Danny is a megalomaniac like Cersei but in a positive way, if you know what I mean.

The Evil Dwarf?

There is a theory about Tyrion turning dark in the last season. He betrays Daenerys by trying to save his brother in the end. Maybe he will try to save his brother but Tyrion isn’t the type of person who can go evil. Besides he cannot betray anyone because he has been betrayed himself and he knows how it feels. However, you never know, it’s Game of Thrones after all.

I feel so sad because deep down I have this feeling that everyone is going to die and the Night king is going to rule the seven kingdoms. The Starks will die but they’ll come back as white walkers. I think the dragons are also going to die. Argh, I can’t wait. Two more months to go. Fingers crossed.