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Knock Knock, Let the Devil in – Venom Movie Review

Marvel movies never cease to amaze me. I was quite a skeptic when I first heard of Venom. When I watched the trailer, I felt disgusted by him, but a good marvel fan will never miss a chance to go watch the movie the moment it gets released. To be honest, I loved the movie from the very start; the story of a loser, isn’t that interesting? Eddie Brock was quite successful until he messes with the wrong people and then in the whole process, his body merges with the symbiote Venom. Eddie suddenly experiences great pangs of hunger, unbearable strength, power and twisted sense of humor.

The movie is very humorous, and I instantly fell in love with Venom because he is always hungry and give really good relationship advice. Venom basically makes Eddie realize that he is not a loser and help him see his potential. it shows how the bad and powerful people in the world are responsible for making the working class feel like they are not good enough, but Venom, with all his power, is going to fight the bad people who are misusing power and manipulating the common masses. By the way, I think I forgot to mention that Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock. One of the many reasons this movie is a success is Tom Hardy. Why are all the Marvel superheroes worth dying for?

Anne Weying is not that impressive because she ditches Eddie when he needs her the most, though she is not at fault, considering the fact that she loses her job because of him, but still. Carlton Drake is the real loser; his greed for power reminded me of Iron Man villains. Overall, I am going to rate it 9/10. I can totally watch it again and I love Eminem for the Venom song.  Do I recommend this movie? YES, TOTALLY. Don’t think that it is an action movie and it is going to be boring. This movie has everything like you cannot dislike it. I guarantee you that.


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